Hello Kitty Amigurumi Inspiration Photos & How to Create Your Own Crocheted Hello Kitty Dolls

Amigurumi is a Japanese word that refers to small knitted or crocheted stuffed toys. The Japanese word ami means “crocheted or knitted,” and the Japanese word nuigurumi means “stuffed doll.” And there you have it—amigurumi!

The art of amigurumi has been around for decades, but in recent years its gained quite a bit of popularity. These days you’ll find cute crocheted creations at crafts fairs, on Etsy, and the wealth of knowledge available in books and online will keep an avid crafted busy for years to come!

Of course, Hello Kitty fans knew what to do—create Hello Kitty amigurumi! You’ll find talented artisans have captured our favorite kitty’s likeness perfectly, and dare we say they were able to make Hello Kitty even CUTER! ;)

Scroll down to find tons of Hello Kitty (and friends!) amigurumi inspiration, tutorial videos for how to make your own amigurumi characters, and some handy resources.

Amigurumi Basics Tutorials

This video shows some basics about amigurumi and what types of supplies you’ll need, but we encourage you to also do your own searches. There is so much great information out there!

This video delves into creating some fun Hello Kitty characters, just to give you an idea of what is possible when it comes to Hello Kitty and amigurumi:

And of course, if you want to try out crocheting your own fun little kitties, this “Hello Kitty Crochet” book and the supplies below will help you get started:

Hello Kitty & Sanrio-Inspired Amigurumi Inspiration

Browse the photos below for even more Hello Kitty amigurumi inspiration:

Free Amigurumi Pattern

You can get a free Amigurumi pattern for this cute doll that’s wearing a Hello Kitty hat from Amigurumi Today. Click here for the full pattern! You can also find lots of different Amigurumi tips on the same website here.

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