If You Love Hello Kitty + Star Wars, You'll Definitely Want to See This!

Calling all Hello Kitty enthusiasts AND Star Wars fans from a galaxy far, far away… your dreams are about to come true! (That is, if you’ve ever dreamed of seeing Hello Kitty as Yoda or Princess Leia!)

We put together some of the most fun Hello Kitty x Star Wars collabs we could find for your out-of-this-galaxy enjoyment. Keep scrolling to see awesome Star Wars-inspired Hello Kitty decal stickers (perfect for decorating your laptop, car, bike, or a notebook!), patches (customize your backpack or jacket!), and even a ton of examples where fans of the unlikely pairing took their obsession to a whole new level.

Hello Kitty x Star Wars Decal Stickers & Patches

Also… we’re just gonna leave this here for your theatrical enjoyment! ;)

Fans Who Took Their Star Wars + Hello Kitty Obsession to the Next Level

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