Adorable Hello Kitty Origami (+ Tutorial Videos & the Cutest Hello Kitty Origami Paper!)

Much like Hello Kitty herself, origami is cute, delicate, and super fun! Below, we’ve included inspiration and photos of others’ Hello Kitty origami creations, tutorials so you can learn how to do it yourself, and Hello Kitty paper that will be sure to make any origami figure you create look extra cute.

Want to try to make your own Hello Kitty origami creations? Here are a few helpful video tutorials that show you the steps for how to make a few different origami kitties:

If this Hello Kitty origami creation seems a bit too challenging to create, you can also buy one:

The Cutest Hello Kitty Origami Paper

Whether you’re creating cute kitties out of paper or creating other origami shapes and figures, using Hello Kitty paper is sure to make the process extra cute and enjoyable! Here are a few of our favorite Hello Kitty origami paper packs:

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