This Hello Kitty Sushi is *WAY* Too Cute to Eat!

The internet is filled with photos of the cutest Hello Kitty-inspired food creations, and of course, sushi is no exception. If you’re lucky enough to try some Hello Kitty sushi in person, we’re definitely jealous! For the rest of us, these super-cute photos will just have to suffice for now.

That is… unless you want to make your own Hello Kitty sushi! Click here for 3 ways to make Hello Kitty sushi, plus step-by-step instructions!

Super-Cute Hello Kitty Sushi Toys

We know this post is technically about sushi you can actually eat… but these sushi-inspired Hello Kitty toys were WAY too cute not to include!

And of course, we couldn’t resist including some cute Hello Kitty sushi art as well:

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