Crafting with Hello Kitty: Cross-stitch, Sewing, Fused Beads, & More!

Looking for inspiration for your next craft project? Hello Kitty comes to the rescue! Whether you’re ready to take on your next big project or you’re just looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, these crafts are sure to keep you busy! Keep scrolling to find fun Hello Kitty craft inspiration photos, craft kits, and Hello Kitty supplies to help you get the job done!


Whether you need a pattern, a complete cross-stitch kit, or just some inspiration, you’ll find it right here. You can make your cross-stitch project as simple or as details as you like—as long as Hello Kitty is involved, it’s sure to be cute!


The possibilities are limitless when it comes to sewing with Kitty. Whether you want to make a full quilt or hand sew a smaller project, you’ll find the supplies and inspiration you need to get started right here!

These beautiful Hello Kitty quilts and other creations over on Instagram show of just a few of the many possibilities when it comes to sewing with Hello Kitty!


Have a special event or occasion you want to be sure and remember? Preserve those cherished memorizes with a splash of Hello Kitty style! You could easily use these scrapbook kits to make cards, too.

Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is kind of a mix between cross-stitch and paint by numbers… use tiny colored “diamonds” to create beautiful images that shimmer!

Knitting & Crochet

Scarves, mittens, hats, amigurumi characters, blankets, sweaters, and more are all possibilities when it comes to knitting and crocheting with Hello Kitty! If you want to dive more into amigurumi, we have an entire blog post devoted to Hello Kitty amigurumi—click here for inspiration photos, tutorials, and more!

But of course, you don’t need a kit or an instruction manual to whip up your own Hello Kitty-themed knit and crochet creations! Here are a few beautiful examples of things that people have created:

Paper Crafts

You don’t need fancy craft supplies to get crafty with Hello Kitty! You can use plain ol’ paper to create Hello Kitty creations, whether you want to make a 3-D kitty that can stand up or you want to try your hand at origami. We have an entire blog post that’s dedicated just to Hello Kitty origami—click here for Hello Kitty origami inspiration photos, Hello Kitty origami paper, and tutorials.

Fused Beads

This fun activity is purr-rect for all ages! Arrange Perler beads into your desired design, then use an iron to melt the plastic beads together to create a beautiful image! These kits will help you get started:

Here are a few beautiful examples of Hello Kitty fused bead art:

Craft Kits for Kids

Looking for other fun craft ideas? These Hello Kitty craft kits give you everything you need to make something cute! And while these “technically” might be for kids… we know that Hello Kitty fans of all ages can enjoy these kits!

The potential for creating crafts inspired by Hello Kitty is limitless! Below, we’ve gathered even more of our favorite Hello Kitty-inspired crafts from Instagram to hopefully get your creative juices flowing when you embark on your next crafting journey!

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