5 Ways to Make a Hello Kitty Cake

If you already saw this blog post that features 40+ of the cutest Hello Kitty birthday cakes we’ve ever seen, then you might be feeling inspired to make your own Hello Kitty cake. Here you’ll find 5 different ways to make a Hello Kitty cake, plus some important supplies that will make it all easier.

1. How to Make a Giant Hello Kitty Cupcake

This giant Hello Kitty cupcake makes for the perfect centerpiece at any kitty-themed celebration, whether you’re putting together an elaborate dessert table or just need one sweet treat to be the star of the show.

The jumbo cupcake bake set will make this cake easy to make, and the good news is that you can easily repurpose it into a number of other characters and creations!

2. How to Make the Cutest Hello Kitty Head Cake

Not only does this cake make a great stand-alone cake, but you could make Hello Kitty’s body out of cupcakes if you’re feeling ambitious!

This step-by-step tutorial makes it easy to figure out how to make your own cake, and you definitely won’t want to miss the tip for crafting the perfect bow.

3. How to Make a Mini Hello Kitty Cake in an Easy-Bake Oven

Whether you grew up using Easy-Bake Ovens or you just received your own oven for the first time, this tiny treat offers a small way to satisfy that sweet tooth!

4. How to Make a Simply Elegant Hello Kitty Red Velvet Cake

If you’re making a cake for someone who doesn’t care much for frosting, then this is sure to be a winner. The red velvet looks so beautiful and the deep, rich color can easily stand on its own. Make Hello Kitty’s head, or do her entire body with the silicone pan featured here.

5. How to Make a Hello Kitty Castle Cake

Of course, Hello Kitty deserves her very own castle, and this cake lets you really get creative! The video shows you how to create your very own castle cake, but you can get creative and mix up the colors, design, and accents.

And of course, your own kitty princess needs a Hello Kitty birthday crown!

These Hello Kitty baking supplies will help you get started in the kitchen:

Add some extra flair to your creation with these easy-to-use Hello Kitty cake and cupcake toppers and candles:

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