Celebrating 4th of July with Hello Kitty

Patriotic Hello Kitty loves red, white, and blue, and everything else that goes along with 4th of July. Barbecues, fireworks, parades… summer just doesn’t get any better! Below, we’ve put together a guide to some of the cutest Hello Kitty 4th of July products around so you can celebrate Independence Day in sweet style. Happy shopping!

Patriotic Clothing

From swimsuits perfect for beachside celebrations to sweatshirts that’ll keep you warm as you stay outside to watch fireworks, you’ll find inspiration for the perfect 4th of July outfit right here.

Americana Fun

Brighten up someone’s day even more with these fun Hello Kitty 4th of July items! These products are especially perfect for those with birthdays in July.

Hello Kitty America the Beautiful Series

This series is no longer being produced, but you can still snag some of the merchandise on Amazon and Zulily. These sets come with trading cards, stickers, and Hello Kitty figurines, and each item celebrates an aspect of America. Whether it’s one of the 50 states, an important American landmark, or some aspect of the culture, these sets offer little ones a fun way to learn about America (and are pretty fun for adults to collect, too!).

Here are some of the super cute cards + figurines you can expect to find in the America the Beautiful Series boxes and card packs:


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