15 Ways to Have the BEST Hello Kitty-Themed Halloween Ever!


No one does Halloween better than Hello Kitty, and we’ve got a treat in store for Hello Kitty fans with this blog post! We’ve put together a guide to having the very BEST, cutest Hello Kitty-themed Halloween EVER… read on for fun and festive ideas.

  1. Treat yourself to something sweet.

Whether you’re a baking expert or something simpler is more your style (check out the cute Hello Kitty Halloween candy tins!), one sure way to sweeten up October is by whipping up a Hello Kitty themed treat. Check out the adorable Hello Kitty Halloween cookies, cupcakes, and cakes below for inspiration.

2. Send a cute Hello Kitty Halloween card.

If you have a faraway friend, Halloween is the perfect excuse to send some spooky snail mail. You could even send one of these cards along with some other cute Hello Kitty treats in a Halloween-themed care package.

3. Visit a special Halloween-themed Hello Kitty destination.

From Universal Studios in Japan to Tanaka Farms in southern California, autumn is a time where you can find some super cute and spooky Hello Kitty destinations!

4. Trick-or-treat in style!

Heading out for a night of trick-or-treating, or answering the door to give out treats? We’ve got ya covered! These Hello Kitty trick-or-treat bags will help you get your haul home safely, and we adore the cute stickers—they’re perfect for giving out along with a piece of something sweet!

5. Snuggle up with these Halloween Hello Kitty plushies.

These Hello Kitty plushies are all about tricks and treats! Use them to decorate this time of year, or snuggle up with one while you watch a scary movie. BOO!

6. Wear something cute and festive.

October is the perfect time of year to break out all of your orange and black, and for Hello Kitty fans, why not add our favorite feline into the wardrobe rotation?

7. Carve a Hello Kitty jack-o’-lantern!

We’ve got an entire blog post that’s all about Hello Kitty-inspired pumpkins—for even more clever carving (and painting!) ideas, click here!

8. Paint a Hello Kitty-themed pumpkin.

If you’re not quite in the mood for the mess that carving a jack-o’-lantern will make, painting a Hello Kitty pumpkin might be the perfect compromise! Click here for even more adorable ideas for painting your Hello Kitty pumpkin.

9. Celebrate the season by decorating with spooky Hello Kitty Halloween decor!

The ideal combo of spooky and sweet is here! Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party or just wanting a couple of festive touches, these fun decor items are ready to help!

10. Get crafty and make your own Halloween-themed Hello Kitty creations!

For those of us who love to get crafty, Halloween presents tons of opportunity to put our creativity to work! Create some Halloween-y origami (click here to check out our post that ALL about Hello Kitty origami!), or take up a new hobby and learn to crochet amigurumi (find instructional videos + inspiration here). For even more Hello Kitty crafting ideas, click here!

11. Dress up in a super cute Hello Kitty costume.

One of the great things about dressing up for Hello Kitty for Halloween is that you can keep things SUPER simple and just wear some white ears and add a couple of whiskers to your face, OR you can go all out! For WAY more Hello Kitty costume + cosplay ideas, click here!

Want more Hello Kitty costume + cosplay inspiration?

Click here to see our blog post that’s PACKED with inspiration AND links to Hello Kitty costumes!

12. Treat yourself to a fun and festive Halloween toy.

Treat yo’self or another Hello Kitty fan to a Hello Kitty Halloween toy! From Frankenstein to mummy’s, Hello Kitty can take all forms this time of year!

13. Get a Hello Kitty Halloween-themed manicure.

Hello Kitty fans are one creative bunch, aren’t they? These manicures are truly impressive. (Click here for even more Hello Kitty nail art inspiration + tutorials + nail polish!)

14. Read a Halloween-themed Hello Kitty book.

Make reading time extra fun with one of these not-too-spooky stories.

15. Get your pets to join in on the fun!

Of course, getting your furry friends to dress up (if they don’t mind, that is!) this time of year is just one more way to have some festive fun this time of year.

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