7 Ways to Have Fun Gardening with Hello Kitty

Gardening is a hobby that brings many people happiness, relaxation, and joy, and Hello Kitty makes gardening even better! Whether you want to add a touch of Hello Kitty style to your garden or your looking for a gift for that Hello Kitty +gardener in your life, this blog post shows off 7 ways to have fun gardening with our favorite kitty.

Keep scrolling to find ideas for putting your green thumb to work both indoors and out!

  1. Grow your favorite plants in Hello Kitty planters.

Bring your garden indoors with these cute Hello Kitty planters. Perfect for displaying favorite indoor plants, these pots would look cute on a window sill, fireplace mantel, or as a centerpiece on your dining table.

2. Create your own Hello Kitty landscaping.

If you’re lucky enough to have your very own outdoor gardening, you might consider adding in some Hello Kitty flair. Here’s some fun inspiration:

3. Create a Hello Kitty terrarium.

This super sweet idea is perfect for those who love to garden AND take on a fun craft project! Your Hello Kitty terrarium can be as simple or as elaborate as you want, and you’ll find some lovely inspiration for how to make your own right here:

4. Add beautiful Hello Kitty statement pieces to your outdoor garden.

Add a splash of Hello Kitty cheer to your flower beds or vegetable garden with these fun garden ornaments! Plus, they make a perfect gift for the gardener + Hello Kitty fan in your life.

5. Have fun with Hello Kitty gardening toys & activities.

Trying inspire a little one to love gardening, or want something cute for yourself? These Hello Kitty toys let you have fun with the garden theme whether rain or shine!

6. Grow your own Hello Kitty chia pet!

Ch-ch-ch-chia! This easy project is perfect for kids and adults alike. Give Hello Kitty a full head of chia plant hair with your very own Hello Kitty chia pet.


7. Use Hello Kitty garden tools.

Digging in the dirt has never been cuter! These garden tools are the perfect way to add a touch of kitty-inspired style to your gardening.

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